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Siberut island (4.030 km sq) is the largest island of four islands in the Mentawai archipelago. It is located about 155 kilometers off the coast of west Sumatra, across the mentawai strait.

Explore the jungle in the heart into the heart of the Siberut Island in the western part off West Sumatra's coast, to meet the indigenous people of the Mentawai who live close to nature and still live in comparative isolation, maintaining their age-old ways. It's virgin rainforest, inhabited by a number of animal species not found anywhere else in the world, among them some rare monkey species, pleasant surprises await you to explore.

A Challenging Adventure
Traveling in Siberut is only for those who are able to endure the hardship of going basics and want to get experience from traditional way. Taking a ten hours ferry ride that leaves regularly every few days will get time to think, but is already too late to turn back. If time is limited , one can charter a boat from Muara Padang.

The luxurious facilities offered by convential resorts are presented in more natural ways. Only back to nature comforts are offered on some existing home stay. Instead of a swimming pool, the island offers continuous spectacular white sand beaches with shallow shelves jutting out to the sea and fringing coral reefs, excellent for snorkeling and leisure swimming. Electricity is still a luxury for most of the islanders, it can only be found in a few coastal community, Telephone line is even more scare and the numbers are mostly still only two digits. Anyone with acquired taste will find it hard to find a decent restaurant, some warung or sundry stores sell some basic provisions destinations of diving, snorkeling, surving, wildlife watching or natural history trip.

Jungle Adventure
Hilly mountain range with tropical forests that is still intact is a point of attraction for visitors who enjoy adventure in natural environment. Some paths leading through the National Park show some natural phenomenon along the way. Visiting a cave in central Siberut or waterfall in northern and southern part of the island, is possible upon request with your guide. Be observant of your surrounding, you will have the chance to see and hear some endemic wild life of the island. Siberut island has four endemic primates which in local name are called bilou ( Hylobates klossi) , Simakobu (Simias concolor), Bokoi (Macaca Pagensis) and Joja (Presbytis potenziani) also at least five species of squirrels and chipmunk birds

Coastal Discovery Adventure
Some good coral reefs can be found along the east, south to southeast part of the Siberut island and the surrounding the small islands. Along the coast, continuous white sand beaches ideal for sun bathing, swimming , snorkeling or skin diving to enjoy the sea garden of Siberut.
Dolphins (stenella longirostris) can bee seen along the east coast. Other sea mammals such as dugong (Dugong dugong) occasionally can be sighted near the sea grass by the mangrove along with three protected species of sea turtles.

The magnificent call of the small black Kloss Gibbon or Bilou (Hylobates Klossii) is a striking feature of this primitive gibbon, Often heard echoing over the forest at dawn, its call has been described as the most beautiful music uttered of any mammal. The pig-tailed Langur or Simakobu (Simias concolor) is Indonesia's rarest monkey. It has a short snub-nose, pig-like tail, two color phases as well as two different social structures. The Simakobu is totally unique with no other relative species of monkey. The beautiful Mentawai Langur or Joja (prebytis potenziani) is easy to identify from its long tail, white face-ring or black crest. They can be found by following their strange 'bagok-bagok' call in the early morning. The mentawai Macaque or Bokkoi (macaca pagensis) is a little-known species, but distinct from any other small-isalnd Macaques. An elusive monkey, the Bokkoi lives in all forest types found on Siberut.

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