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One of the most popular handicrafts is the traditional hand woven cloth. In North Sumatra, they call it Ulos. Ulos Ragi Hotang a type of ceremonial mantle worn to announce the birth of a boy or used at wedding ceremonies. Songket from Minangkabau, a sarong or shawls woven in bold color silk combined with artificial gold thread. The motive is usually geometric shapes. In Lampung, they make Tapis sarong, a woven cloth with embroidered gold couchwork.


Wood Carving
Wood carving, can be found in many villages throughout the province, because the traditional houses need carved wood for their walls. The motif of wood carving in this province are generally based explicity on models from nature.

Songket weaving.
"Songket" is a traditional Minangkabau textile providing the materila for the colorful customary costumes worn for all traditional ceremony. Up today, the "Songket" is still traditionally woven, using gold manual looms, and generally done by women or girls. The motif of songket clothes are drawn largerly from things existing in nature, they often depict flora. The motifs are made by inserting supplement gold, silver or colored thread among the basic thread woven into the loom. Pandai Sikek is the most popular village for its beautiful songket weaving.

Many villages in this province are well known for their tradtional embroidery. Each village produces its specific embroidery that makes it easier to differenciate it from the product of other villages. Nareh village in Padang Pariaman Regency makes its motifs by using gold or silver thread inserted on coloured velvet textile.Kota Gadang and Ampek Angkek, two villages on the outskirt of Bukittinggi are also well-known for therir specific embroidery and lace.

The more you explore the island, the more interesting experience you will get. Minangkabau culture (West Sumatra) is the largest matrilineal society in the world. Traditionally, the Minangkabau people live in multi-family longhouse named Rumah Gadang.

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