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Ujungkulon National Park, home of the One-Horned Rhino, situated at the Southwestern tip of the island of Java, in the administrative district of Pandeglang regency of the Province of West Java. Geographically, it is situated just below 6 degrees latitude south and between 102 and 105 degrees longitude east.

This remote area is the perfect place for people who need the natural escape and active adventure activity, and for the one who would like to hide from the bustling cities like: Jakarta or Singapore.

The park consists of several geographic areas. These areas the triangular shaped Ujungkulon peninsula with its adjacent island of Handeuleum and Peucang, the Gunung Honje Range to the east, and the large island of Panaitan make up the 76,214 hectare land area of the park. The surrounding sea and corals reefs contribute a further 44,337 hectares to the total 120,551 hectares.

It's a good place for: Bird Watching, Jungle Trek, Photo Hunting, Camping near the old Light House (The first light house in Indonesia..!). People can enjoy swimming, fishing, trekking following the beautiful south or north coastline of Ujungkulon National Park and observing the wild animal in Cidaon Grazing ground.

Ujungkulon is also an important area for scientific, research, tourism and recreation. As Indonesia's leading park, this park is a world heritage site and the habitat of the endangered java rhino, holds a rich and diverse wilderness of high conservation value.

In Cidaon you could take a picture or watching the Wild Oxxen, Wild Boars, Peacocks, Hornbills, Sambar Deers, Giant Monitor Lizzard, Endemic Javan Birds or migrant birds. Canoeing through the narrow Cigenter River that covered by thick rain forest in Handeuleum island to watch the animal along this river. If you lucky you can see the rare javan one horned rhino (about 50 - 60 javan one horned rhino in this park). It is very interesting to find the footprints of this rhino on the trail inside the park

The park has a wide variety of vegetation with tropical primary rain forest, lowland forest, mangroves, freshwater swamp, and coastal vegetation. Within these is a great diversity of flowering and fruiting plants.

The diversity can also be seen in its wildlife. Over 310 species have been recorded including mammals, reptiles, birds and numerous insects, with possibly many insect species still to be discovered. The reefs and surroundings seas are rich in corals, shell life, and colorful fish that thrive in the warm, clear water of the park.

In Peucang island there's a good island resort accommodation. But there are also several camping ground along the coast line, or try to spend the night inside the Oldest-Indonesian Lighthouse!

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