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Bird of Paradise & Giant Sea Turtle - Irian Jaya

Batanta Island is 2,5 hours away from Sorong by motorized long boat. This is the islands of Paradise Bird, especially the spectacular Wilson's Bird of Paradise that could only be seen in Batanta Island, which is also a Nature Reserve with total area about 300,000 hectres and lies on the northern of Bird's Head of West Irian.

Other exotic species you can observe here are Yellow Bird of Paradise, Red King Bird of Paradise, Western Crowned Pigeon, Maleo Birds, Giant Cassowary Birds, Brush Turkey, Parrots, Palm King Cackatoos, Crested Sulphur Cackatoo, Paradise King Fisher, Hornbill and many more.

The massive tropical jungle and its low and highland are abundant with flora and fauna, tempt to be explored.

You could also meet the native who live int their traditional village. Just 20 minutes boating from Batanta to Salawati Island, to see other types of spectacular birds. You could easily trek into the forest of both islands. You can also snorkel the crystal water and pristine beach with beautiful coral reefs, colorful fishes or swimming and fishing. Accomodation at simple local guest house or an adventurous night camp over the camp fire. While in Sorong, you will overnight at the best three star hotel with swimming pool, Sahid Mariat Hotel.

The Jamursba Medi Nature Reserve situated about 160 km of Sorong, reachable by motorized long boat for 5-6 hours and cover the area of 10,000 hectares, stretch an 17.9 km coast line, where the concentration of the Giant "Leatherback"sea turtle (Dermoelys Coriacea) - one of the world's largest reptiles andthe surviving largest turtle, with a maximun length of about two meters and weight up to over 550 kg - laying eggs. From April to September and estimated minimum total of 13,000 nests of this giant turtle were laid on the beach and reaches the maximun number from June to August. The lowland and coastal forest of this reserve are abundant with wildlife such as Birds of Paradise (except wilson's of Paradise), King and Palm Paradise, Sea eagles, western crowned pigeon, giant cassowary birds, parrots,barking deers and wild boar. IN 1994, a species of the tree kangaroos never known to outside world was discovered.

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